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Moments of Truth

moments of truth

Moments of Truth – Concept developed in 1981 by Jan Carlzon, President of Scandanavian Airline Systems (SAS).  Describes each point of contact a customer has with the business.  These moments of truth reveal how committed the business is to providing excellent service.  Whether you are a business owner or employee, what are the ways you provide excellent customer service?


2 thoughts on “Moments of Truth

  1. John Ginter / Reply September 27, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    The moment of truth. The moment of truth begins with your first contact of a possible customer. If you build a positive relationship with that person, everything should go well. With the only possible stumbling blocks possible being price and attention to detail. Are you listening to the persons needs and expectations? If not, difficult times will be ahead. If you do the right thing for the person, the relationship will become better and better over time.

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